Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy explains ITINERENTS’ collection, use, sharing, and protection of user information from the website, mobile application, and any other mobile or online service owned and offered by ITINERENTS.



1.1 Information You Give Us

·         Account information. When signing up, you are required to provide your full name, an email, and a password.

·         Mobile phone information. To perform any ridesharing or rental activity on our Platform, you will need to provide a mobile phone number that is verified by SMS. This is a way for us to authenticate your identity and create a trusted environment for other users.

·         Profile information. ITINERENTS asks you to provide other information in your user profile to increase the level of trust on our platform. This includes a picture of yourself and information about your date of birth, education, occupation, and a description about yourself.

·         Identity authentication. When renting a car for the first time, you will need to be validated to rent on our platform. As a part of this we may ask you to upload a picture of your face, pictures of your driver’s license, national identity card, national health insurance card, and/or passport in order to verify your identity. These will be deleted after a year. Some users may be asked to provide a copy of a recent payslip to an encrypted ITINERENTS folder hosted externally. We check whether the user is employed with an income. This is done as an extra security measure in our screening of renters. The payslip is deleted after the ITINERENTS team has assessed it. When renting a car as a renter, the owner may ask for a picture of your driver’s license taken via the ITINERENTS app to verify that the person picking up the vehicle is the same as the person approved to rent by ITINERENTS .

·         Communications with ITINERENTS and other Members. If you correspond with us via email or any other digital communication channels like SMS or WhatsApp, we may retain the content of your messages, your contact details, and our replies. We also keep copies of any messages you send through ITINERENTS to other users. We may retain the information in the user content that you post on ITINERENTS . This information may be used to help resolve issues between users or between ITINERENTS and a user, generally improve our Customer Care, minimize inappropriate content on the Platform, or better understand how our users interact with the Platform in order to improve the product.

·         Personal information when ordering a leasing car. When ordering a leasing car through ITINERENTS , you are asked to provide name and email (if not already a signed in user), address, phone number, birthdate, driving record the past three years, and social security or national identity number. This is needed to complete the order with our leasing partners. The social security or national identity number is needed to perform a credit check.

·         Payment information. ITINERENTS collects anonymized information that is linked to your personal payment information, which is stored by a 3rd party payment provider. By submitting your payment information you authorize ITINERENTS to access and use this information in order to pay on your behalf for the transaction. If you remove a payment card from the Platform, ITINERENTS retains the right to store the anonymized information that can identify the card with our payment provider. This is for the purpose of collecting debts owed to ITINERENTS . If you delete your account with ITINERENTS , we will delete all information related to payment cards within 180 days provided there is no debt associated with the closed ITINERENTS account. If you delete your ITINERENTS account and have debt with ITINERENTS or debt arises within 180 days, we will retain payment information until 180 days have passed since the last debt collection was completed.

·         Bank account information. In order to receive money from a ITINERENTS transaction, we also require that you provide us with a valid bank account that we can transfer money into.

·         Vehicle information. When registering a car that can be used for rental you must provide information about the car, including make and model, car registration number, the car’s address, and insurance status.You are also able to provide pictures and further descriptions of the car’s feature in order to market your car to other users. When registering a car for ridesharing you can provide information about the make and model, car registration number, number of seats, and pictures of the car. ITINERENTS may require additional vehicle documentation to verify that the information reflected in the advertisement is correct, in order to verify that the car complies with the requirements established by the regulations in force to drive or those stipulated by our insurance.

·         Social Media. When you interact with our service through various social media, such as when you log in through Facebook or when you like or post a comment to our Facebook page or interact with us on other social media, we may receive information from the social network, such as your profile information, profile picture, user name, user ID associated with your social media account, age range, language, country, friends list, and any other information you permit the social network to share with third parties. The data we receive is dependent upon your privacy settings with the social network.

1.2 Information We Automatically Collect From Your Use of ITINERENTS

·         Usage information. We collect information about your interactions with the app and website, such as the pages or other content you view, your searches, transactions you have completed or intended to complete, and other actions on the platform. This data is stored in our database as well as shared with third party tools. We use this data to generate insights about how users interact with the product as well as provide users with customer support.

·         Transaction information. We collect information related to your transactions on the platform, including the date and time, amounts charged, and other related transaction details.

·         Location information. We log the last two known IP addresses when you use ITINERENTS . This information does cannot identify users individually. This is used to assist us in sending targeted marketing or product information. We use the current location to improve searching for rental cars and ridesharing rides in the product, but we do not store data about your location. If you have enabled location sharing on your ITINERENTS mobile app, we may also use more specific location information (e.g. location from your mobile GPS) for the purposes of helping you find your driver or rental car.

·         Cookies. Our website uses cookies, including third party cookies, to show you relevant advertising for ITINERENTS and ITINERENTS products as well as keep you logged in to the website.



·         Sharing between Users. To help facilitate bookings, when a booking is made, certain information will be shared between users, including your name, email and mobile phone number. If renting out your car, when a booking is made, we will also share the car registration number and the car’s address provided when uploading your car. If you are a renter, the driving licence number will be visible so that the owner can check the identity of the renter at the time of delivery. We don’t share billing or payout information with other users.

·         Profiles, Rides and Rentals Offered, and other Public Information. Parts of your public profile page, such as your first name and first letter of last name, personal description, education, occupation, age, and average response time on the platform are publicly visible to other users. If you rent out your car or offer a ride on our platform, information related to your ride or car will be publicly available. The ride or rental listing pages, will also show some information about you, including your name, car registration number, average response time and accept rate (rental only), and age (ridesharing only). If you remove information that you posted to ITINERENTS , copies may remain viewable in cached and archived pages, or if other users have copied or saved that information. After completing a booking, users may write reviews and rate each other. Reviews are part of your public profile page.

·         Insurance, Leasing, and Debt Collection Providers. ITINERENTS may share your personal information, including name, address, mobile phone number, social security or national identity number, driving licence or national identity card, brand and model of car and/or registration number enrollment and information about your rental, ridesharing, or leasing activity on ITINERENTS . These service providers provide services on our behalf or otherwise help provide the service to you. ITINERENTS may also request and receive from these service providers information about the status of your payment, missing payment, or debt collection.

·         External partnerships. We may share your name, email, telephone number, and rental, ridesharing, or leasing activity on the platform, in partnership with outside companies to provide you with additional services related to ITINERENTS , for example vouchers for refreshments at a gas station or a discount on a car wash.

·         Data analysis tools. We may share information about your usage of the Platform with third party analytical that allow us to understand how users interact with the product as well as target the ITINERENTS marketing communication that we send you.

·         Widgets and Aggregators. In order to increase the chances of getting you a booking, we may display parts of the ITINERENTS Platform (e.g. your ride or rental offering) on sites operated by ITINERENTS ’s business partners, including technologies such as widgets or API connections. If your ride or rental is displayed on a partner’s site, information from your public profile page may also be displayed.

·         Safety & Compliance with Law. We may also share personal information if it is necessary to comply with any applicable law or regulation or enforce our Terms & Conditions, including to investigate any violations or suspicions of criminal behaviour.

·         Aggregated Data. We may also aggregate and anonymize your personal information and share that anonymized and/or aggregated data with third parties. This information is non-personally identifiable and used for industry and market analysis, demographic profiling, marketing and advertising, and other business purposes.



3.1 Analyzing Your Communications

We may review or analyze your communications (including messages sent to other users, comments included in ride or rental descriptions, and content of profile page) on the platform for fraud prevention, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, investigation, product development, research, and customer support purposes.

3.2 Data Retention

Following termination or deactivation of your account, ITINERENTS may retain your information for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archival, or audit purposes, or to maintain and improve the service. Furthermore, ITINERENTS may retain and continue to use all information (including user content) contained in your communications with other members or posted to public or semi-public areas of ITINERENTS after termination or deactivation of your account.

3.3 Google Maps

Parts of the ITINERENTS Platform uses Google Maps, including the Google Maps API(s). Use of Google Maps is subject to Google Maps Additional Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.



4.1 Access and Update

You can review and change your account information at any time by logging onto your account and reviewing your account settings and user profile.

4.2 Communications

You can opt out from receiving SMS and push notifications on your mobile phone from your account settings. You can also opt out from receiving notification emails from ITINERENTS that relate to receiving messages from other users, booking requests, matches to ride alerts. If you receive our newsletter, you can unsubscribe from this.

4.3 Review and Delete Your Information

You may request in writing copies of your personal information held by us. We will provide you with a copy of the personal information held by us as soon as practicable, and in any event not more than 30 days after receiving a valid request in writing. We may request proof of identification to verify your identity and validate the request.

If your personal information that we hold is inaccurate, let us know and we will update the relevant information. You may also request the erasure of your personal information in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation. We will notify you within 30 days of your valid request about the relevant action taken.



We are continuously implementing and updating our security measures to help protect your information against unauthorized access. Specifically, we do the following to protect you:

Before storing your password, we apply a cryptographically secure hashing algorithm to it. This means that even in the event of data theft from our servers, your password is safe.

We only use industry standard encryption algorithms and well-tested code libraries.

Our database, as well as all our application servers, run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we rely on Amazon’s physical and infrastructure security measures.



We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy or related procedures at any time in accordance with this provision. We will post the updated Privacy Policy on the ITINERENTS Platform and update the “Last Updated” date at the top of this page. Changes to ITINERENTS ’ privacy policy are effective when they are posted on this page. Your continued use of ITINERENTS services following these changes means that you accept the revised Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these changes, you can choose to close your account with us.



If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy or ITINERENTS ’ information handling practices, you may contact us at:

ITINERENTS, 485 Brickell Ave #1908 33131 Miami, FL USA

You may also email us at